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about2Jenna is available for local and national TV media appearances, radio, media tours and speaking engagements for women s circles or retreats.

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Ten years ago my life felt hopeless and empty. Although my career was financially abundant, it lacked in purpose, resulting in constant emotional emptiness. As a representative for a mortgage company, I drove a new BMW every year, lived in an affluent area, and was a “top producer” at our company but felt so uncomfortable in my skin. My body was overweight and my face physically showed signs of my building sadness and frustration. From the outside, I appeared perfectly happy, but in reality I had truly lost myself along with my sense of self-identity. I kept trying to convince myself that money and monetary things would make me happy but my inner dialogue kept asking questions like: Who was Jenna? What was I meant to do? Did I have any special talents and gifts? Is this what life is all about?

Finally a turning point in my life came when I was introduced to a practice of mind/body healing, also called B.E.S.T. (Bio- Energetic Synchronization Technique). BEST is a system of health care that gets to the root cause of issues in the body by removing negative beliefs and memories that are retained in our subconscious. By extracting these negativities, it allows the body to be in balance, and alternatively operate in present time. I can still remember what the practitioner said to me during my first appointment:

“You are a precious diamond and deserve to be loved and cherished just like one.”

I sat there in overwhelming tears as my feelings of fear and being unloved surfaced. I finally realized big changes needed to take place in my life!  My relationship with myself had begun that day and the answers to all of my questions began to unfold as I continued a path of taking big leaps of faith into the unknown.

Two years later I ended the toxic relationship with my career which was simultaneously scary yet exhilarating. After I decided to let go of the major stress factors in my life, the weight started to fall off and my face started to heal. At this time my desire was to find my true self, my feminine side, my talents, and most importantly to feel good!  After leaving a 10+ year career in order to find myself without any idea as to where I was headed, the only thought that kept reoccurring was, “I want to help women”, but how?

That was when I decided my sole purpose and journey was to help women. I decided to revisit the roots of my passions for beauty, health and fitness by taking up modeling again with PEAK Models. At 35 I was back to feeling great in my skin and comfortable with my body. The photo shoots sparked a creative side of me that was brand new; I felt alive, free and empowered. This was the feeling that I wanted to bottle up and give to women. Inspired, I became certified as a Natural Health Practitioner which solidified my present lifestyle of following an 80% raw food diet. In addition to this, I was enjoying my established organic airbrush tanning business, while also creating an organic skincare line, Beauty Mark Organics. And after tanning countless naked bodies, I know for certain that there is one common denominator:

Everyone wants to feel great in their skin and there is no amount of money or personal possessions that will give you the type of satisfaction you receive when you feel great in your own body and with yourself!

Today, my primary mission is to help women achieve their ideal health and body, while learning to love the body they are in. I share my past with all of you to let you know that I can relate to how it feels to be uncomfortable in your body and to desire a complete and holistic change. I am here to tell you that you absolutely can achieve the body that you desire and feel great in your skin!  With the 10 year knowledge that I have learned from holistic healing along with my nutritional background, I can help you achieve the body you desire for ultimately, a more empowered you from the inside out!

With Love for your health and Beauty,
Jenna Lobos


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