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6 Top Tips for Naturally Glowing Skin

According to The Environmental Working Group Survey, the average women uses 12 personal care and cosmetic products each day, resulting in the exposure to 160 different ingredients. Several beauty products on the shelf today are filled with chemicals that have been linked to cancer and can cause hormonal imbalance, acne, thyroid problems, birth defects, damage to liver and kidneys. Synthetic products may give you the immediate results you are looking for, but it is important to consider the long term health risks you may be exchanging for short term solutions. Switching to a more positive aspect of wanting to look and feel beautiful, let’s talk about what organic skincare can offer you and why you should consider making the switch!

What are the benefits of Organic Skin Care?

*Safe to use. By avoiding toxic synthetic chemicals you are automatically on the front side of the health spectrum and therefore avoiding any possible future risks.

* Gentle on the Skin. If you are someone who has sensitive skin, you’ll find that organic skin care products can improve the condition of your skin by adding life to your skin with natural ingredients rather then stripping your skin with harsh chemicals.

* Nourish skin naturally. Keeping things simple with natural ingredients can keep your skin clean and radiant looking, protecting your skin from any substances that the body cannot process.

Wanna know how to take care of your skin?

Here Are The Top Organic Skin Care Tips:

1. As a rule of thumb, when reading label, look for the words: “Organic”, “Paraben Free”, and “Certified Organic”.

2. Pay Close attention to labels and learn to identify problematic ingredients, for example parabens, phthalates, or propylene/butylen glycol all which have been linked to hormone disruption, liver/kidney damage, allergies and dermatitis. If an ingredient is hard to pronounce or the list is a mile long, chances are the product is filled with harmful synthetics.

3. Shop at your local health food stores for organic skin care or search the web by entering the key words listed in tip one.

4., Avoid petroleum by-products, such as “mineral oil” or “paraffin”, which can be contaminated with carcinogens. They clog the pores and make it difficult for your body to eliminate waste and toxins.

5. Choose products that include essential oils rather than fragrance, which can trigger allergic reactions to the skin and have been shown to cause liver and kidney damage.

6. As always, health begins internally. Get plenty of rest, drink filtered water and stay joyful in your organic lifestyle!

So here in lies a question, what if rather then search for treatments to “fix” your face or body, such as costly surgeries or expensive face treatments, you simply return to self care in a more natural way. Can the aging process be graceful and one with ease? Can you embrace every wrinkle, knowing that it comes with great wisdom? The choice of course is yours, that is the freedom and beauty of it all. Whatever your choice is, know that you are unique and beautiful in your own way, enhance your natural beauty and go out there and shine!!

To your Health and Beauty,



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