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Botox or Not?

Are any of you considering botox and second guessing if this is the right choice for you? Or do you wish it would of never entered the beauty scene because then there would be no option but to stick to the good ol fashion ways to keep your skin plump and youthful? I am a firm believer in whatever makes YOU feel your best, is the right choice for YOU. When you are struggling with any decisions in life, whether it be a beauty choice or something that will affect the direction of your life, it is sometimes best to hear other people’s opinions, take what you want and leave the rest. Being grounded in who you are and making decisions based on what feels best in your body will lead you to a fulfilling life. When challenges arise (and they will) do your best to solve them with honesty and good intentions! For those of you who are looking for natural alternatives to botox, here are 4 helpful ways, plus one of my favorite homemade masks!

1. Hydration: The elixir of youth and the simple pure essence of what makes up approximately 70 percent of each of us- Water, the importance of
staying hydrated to keep wrinkles at bay is crucial. Hydration keeps the skin plump and supple and it allows nutrients to flow  to new forming skin.
With ample moisture from keeping hydrated the elastin and collagen in the dermis layer of your skin (which is skin beneath the top layer of skin and where wrinkles begin)
keeping ample moisture to this area of the skin allows for a look of vitality. Add more fruits and vegetables which are primarily all liquid.
Drinking water is one of the most inexpensive and natural ways to keep your skin youthful, if you are not fond of plain water, you can squeeze a lime,lemon or orange to add
some zest. Ample fluid intake helps the digestion system moving smoothly, which helps eliminate unnecessary internal toxins, preventing them to show up on your face.

2. Moisturize: Retaining moisture is key to preventing rapid increase in wrinkles and fine lines. Be mindful of drying soaps or cleansers that are used on your face, switch
to milk or cream cleansers. Oils such as, jojoba oil, carrot seed oil, almond oil and coconut oil are highly recognized for regenerating and revitalizing the skin and can be used as your
only facial moisturizer or as a first layer and then followed by a lotion or cream. In the evening when our bodies are naturally in a state of restoration, it is best to allow the skin to
breathe and produce its natural oils, A recommendation is to cleanse the face with a milk based product as the only thing needed for your evening routine with all of the layering of lotions
added to the face as a morning routine.

3. External Brushing: Brushing your face with a medium-soft natural fiber brush helps to stimulate your sebaceous glands which are microscopic glands in the skin that secrete and oily waxy matter, therefore
aiding in the natural moisture in the skin. These glands can be found throughout the body, but one of the area’s where they are located in abundance is on the face. Face brushing can help to remove the top
layer of dead skin cells, leaving your skin soft and silky. Face brushing increases blood flow and circulation which can often leave you with a rosier complexion. It also allows oils and lotions to seep into the skin
easier. When exfoliating your face, gently brush in an upward fashion starting from the neck up.

4. Facial exercises and massage:  Begin practicing facial exercises, as they can tone and strengthen the muscles in your face which can help to prevent sagging skin and promote tightness.
Think of this just like you would exercise for toning muscles on your body, when not put to use they become week and limp. A couple of easy face exercises that can be performed everyday are 1.) scrunching up your face and then relaxing. 2.) Placing your fingertips on the muscles on your cheekbones or forehead, holding and then moving your face up and down. The key is to add resistance to the muscles, again just like you would your arms or legs while doing a weight routine.  Another option is to give yourself facial massages, simply massage
your face in a circular motion for about 5 to 10 minutes in the morning, doing this can again bring fresh blood into your face stimulating cell growth, facial massage can also release tension leaving
you feeling relaxed which is a must when it comes to keeping the lines minimized on the face.


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