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Hot Summer Legs!



Do you dread showing skin? Are you one of those people who shop in there closet for long dresses or pants to avoid showing your legs? Do you feel like you cannot show your limbs because of unsightly blemishes or flaws? If you answered yes to some of these questions, you are not alone. In the next issue of FITNESSX, I answer a question on how to achieve HOT summer legs, just in time for a Romantic Getaway.

Here are 3 of my favorite tips:

1. Dry Brush: Treat your legs and body to dry brushing, this is an actual brush for the skin, it looks like a thick brush with semi hard bristles. (You can find one of these at a Natural Health Store or possibly a beauty store where they sell natural products). What you want to do once you have your brush is start from the bottom up toward your heart. For example, take one of your legs start at your foot or ankle and begin with light strokes up ward, do this all the way up your body. This will help with circulation, removal of dead skin and stimulate the lymphatic system, all good to get the blood flowing in your body and legs. I recommend your try to start your day with this at least 2 to 3 times a week. If you continue to do this one step and stay hydrated this will improve your skin tone and texture (Extra Tip: dry brushing is also great for your face, buy a smaller brush for your face and use the same movement upward, this is excellent for removing fine lines and wrinkles!)

2. Body Polish: On the days you are pressed for time and cannot dry brush, another great way to keep circulation flowing is to use a body polish. Look for a polish that has stimulating and warming properties: ginger, cinnamon, peppermint, orange, grapefruit. This can be applied by hand or with a warm wash cloth. Use the same upward motion. This should feel energizing to the legs and body. The warming element will help to relieve tight muscles.

3. Airbrush Tanning: A tan will cover up any unsightly blemishes. Airbrush tanning is a safe way to tan without the harmful effects of UV rays or tanning bed bulbs. The tan is actually applied by a trained technician, which allows for a more even tan. This will last about 7 to 10 days. A tan enhances the look of your appearance, your muscle tone will look more defined and you will be ready to step into your bathing suit!

FITNESSX issue comes out in 1 week, just in time for the Fourth of July Holiday. Watch out for the link, as it will include more tips on how to achieve HOT Summer Legs, as well as an “AU  NATURAL  RECIPE”  for a Tropical Creamy Leg Oil.

To your Health and Beauty!



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