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3 Tips on How to Give Up Sugar and Caffeine


I did not plan to go on a sugar and caffeine hiatus but 14 days ago as I was sipping on green tea I had this thought float through my head. “Jenna why dont you give up caffeine and artificial sweetner for a little while” There are some thoughts that you want to ignore or even tell them to go away but I knew this was one I needed to listen to and take action about. So after enjoying that cup of tea I started my mini vacation from caffeine and any kind of artificial sweetner. My daily eating habits are very healthy, (although I do love me some wine and dark chocolate now and then)  I suppose I was feeling myself drifting toward the stronger teas and my intake was increasing, what ever it was that nudged me to make a small shift, I listened! For those of you that have struggled with giving up caffeine or sugar, here are my top 3 tips to help you start letting go!!

1. Go at your own pace: Where ever you are it is perfect, perhaps you just need to cut down or limit yourself to one cup of coffee or one piece of something sweet per day or switch from coffee to tea. Its not a race or a competition, its about being honest with yourself and finding what works best for you, remember to ask yourself the reason Why you feel giving up caffeine and sugar will benefit you. More energy? Clarity? Weight Loss?  If you are ready to give it up cold turkey, great. Increase your water and fresh juice intake to help your body process the changes you are making. For morning coffee drinkers, a great replacement is hot water with lemon, It is a great way to alkalize your body in the morning and it will help to replace the ritual of drinking something hot when you rise.

2. Listen to your body: For the first couple of days you will probably experience a headache or feel more tired, try to get as much rest as possible. This is a time to pamper yourself in ways you might not do so normally, take a hot bath, get a massage, take walks, listen to soothing music, read a great book, rent a comedy (laughter is always a great healer) Pay attention to the small ways the body tells you what it needs. The one thing that will happen once you eliminate anything artificial is your body calms down, it starts to get back to its natural rythms and cycles, so it will tell you what it needs if you are willing to listen.

3. Reflect Childhood: As a kid you didnt need caffeine to have energy or play, you just enjoyed your day and explored the newness that everyday brought to you. Adults forget about this as we get conditioned over time with busy schedules and other peoples ideas and thoughts about how life is or should be. With this mini reset that you are giving yourself, reflect back and remember that you do have all the energy you need to get through a day without any artificial stuff in your body which includes caffeine or sugar. Perhaps this is a time to take up that hobby that you have been wanting to try or just enjoy life a little more at a slower pace.

What I have learned as I sit here writing to you on day 14 without caffeine or sugar is that I have more clarity and focus, I fall to sleep easily at night and I rise with more energy in the morning. My daily tasks have become easier as I feel I dont procrastinate, rather I just tackle them as they come my way. My mind is more peaceful without the normal racing thoughts but most importantly I can share what I have learned with you!!
For now, I am enjoying my mini vacation and I hope you will join me if you feel this calling out at you!!

Have you ever given up coffee or something you know your body didnt like anymore?? I would love to hear how you handled the shift!

To your health and beauty!



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