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3 Ways To Discover Your Inner Beauty!

Here Are 3 Ways To Discover Your Inner Beauty

1. Do What You Love

 Ask yourself what do you love to do?

What is the one thing that lights you up so much that you lose all sense of time? What do you daydream about? Try your best to do this “thing” that you feel great doing! If it is various things you love to do, pick the one that relaxes and excites you the most! This will open your body up to discovering yourself on many levels and will open the doorway of creativity, which is where answers appear as well as the truth of who we are lies.
“You are what you love” is a good mantra to hold in your memory bank, so the dialog with yourself can become: “I am a chef”, “I am an artist”, “I am a writer”, ” I am a speaker” “I am a _____________”

2. Listen To Your Body

 A wise person once told me once, “Just do you.”

At the time, it was exactly what I needed to hear and helped center me.
People around you will always want to give their opinions on what they think you should and shouldn’t be doing.

Always listen to your body. Everyone has the capacity to hear their own inner voice and feel what is right for them moment by moment.

Very likely you or someone around you has said: “it was a gut feeling” or “I had a hunch”, you never hear: “I listened to my gut and it was wrong”.
It’s normally the other way around ” I should of listened to my gut feeling”.

Listening to inner guidance and self care is critical to keep our inner light shining. This means, back to the basics; sleep, healthy eating, choosing natural and organic beauty care products, which means less chemicals on the skin, light exercise with an emphasis on health vs. “weight loss” and surrounding yourself with positive people who uplift your spirits.

3. Surrender To Your Feelings

 Whatever feeling you have about the current circumstances in your life allow yourself to fully feel them in your body instead of trying to make these uncomfortable feelings go away which can actually perpetuate them for a longer period of time.

When we say “No” I don’t want to feel this because it makes me feel uncomfortable and then you go out and try to mask it by showing a false face to the world, these feelings get pushed down further into your body and brings more of it into your reality. It might work for a small time but eventually it will arise again and sometimes it may even show up bigger. YIKES!

A great exercise to really surrender is to lay down or get into a quiet safe place and just feel the feeling of sadness, anger, frustration fully in your body and say: I know you are here to try and teach me something and I am open to receiving the lesson , now you can leave, Thank you. By allowing ourselves to fully be in touch with our emotions and letting them run the course naturally through our bodies, it can move along quicker with grace and ease.

Do these three things and allow your inner beauty to shine.


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