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Cleanse Please!

These days it seems the big buzz is on cleansing, whether that be through juicing, sweating, exercise, sauna, or some sort of “mental cleanse”.  Can anyone relate to wanting to detox and cleanse, but having such a demanding career that you cant seem to fit in the right day, week, or month to start!  The truth is, life happens; obligations, commitments,  family life, children, you name it….  For the majority a rigorous cleanse does not fit in with a busy life!

In my  Q & A column of the March issue for FitnessX:  I answer Marilyn’s question on how to incorporate a cleanse while entertaining business clients with lunch and dinner outings. Read about key foods that will naturally get rid of excess water weight and give you a mini detox without sticking to a strict cleanse, plus a morning tip that will alkaline your body for the day!!

To your health and beauty!



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