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Do you want to Lose Weight with Ease?


I once had a mentor tell me “life doesn’t have to be this hard She saw the sadness and desperation in my eyes of wanting a life filled with happiness, love and ease. At the time I was 15 to 20 pounds heavier in weight, even though people did not consider me to be overweight, I was very uncomfortable in my skin, my face was breaking out regularly and my natural positive attitude was having to be “kept up” with coffee and addictive exercise. What I now know is that I had accumulated “stuff” that didn’t serve me, and my body was physically showing the signs in a big way. The “weight” was an armor that was trying to protect me from the stressful job and unhealthy relationship that I was in and ultimately keeping me in hiding from my true self. So why would anybody want to hide from themselves and hang on to heaviness ie: “weight” we might ask? I believe there are many reasons, but one big one is “Fear”, fear of taking a risk, fear of being who you know in your heart you are meant to be but perhaps your family will not accept you, fear of leaving that relationship that is hurtful yet safe and secure. All of these reasons and more keep us holding onto “things” in our life that eventually manifest in “weighty” issues. We try to mask this by eating and drinking in excess or in my case exercising. Its all the same, out of balance and unhealthy. (For the record, I still exercise but now my intention is to feel and connect with my body versus to numb it.) Our bodies are a part of our minds we are not separate, we are whole, so what ever your thoughts are, what ever you choose to believe is true for you, it is and always will be. So if you choose to believe that the “weight” is inherited because everyone else in your family is “heavy”, then that is your reality. The good news is, if you choose to think differently, you will see your reality change! It is scary to let the armor go and allow people in to see your true self, it is vulnerable and can be lonely at times. People in your life might not like this “new” person that you are becoming, they may have to leave your life or perhaps that are unsupportive emotionally by encouraging you to have that drink or eat that extra plate of food. They might make negative comments about your new lifestyle. All of this takes you being strong in your beliefs in what you know is good for you. It may take you to begin a whole new relationship with yourself, one of uncharted territory. You may discover you want to begin a whole new life path simply by letting go of the weight which is a mirror to keeping your heart and life heavy and hard. This new path takes guts and courage which I encourage you to take because it is worth the challenge, you are worth it, because “Life doesn’t have to be this hard”!

If weight loss is part of your goals for 2013, what can you “Let Go” of to help with the intention of feeling lighter and more “AT EASE” in your body in life today? There is nothing like the present to start!I would love to hear your comments or stories!

To your health and beauty!



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