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What do you do when THIS happens!? + M.I.A.



Whoa! I have completely missed writing to yaall!  Its been quite the busy summer over here at BeautyMark Organics headquarters…. Our product was picked up by a Nationwide distributor (A project in the works) We launched our newly designed website, (you can check it out here my book is being published and I will be working with the publicity team from Hay House, which means interviews, media spotlights and radio.. so you will be hearing much more from me, come next spring! In the meantime… Lets catch up! Here whats been happening on my home front: 

Its a Sunday night at 3:00 a.m in the morning,and my husband awakens with horrific stomach pains. My first thought was “Well this happens when you indulge in cheese pasta, ice cream cake and Bacardi and coke to slosh it down!”
INSERT: To be Clear: YES, I am 90% Vegan, (I do eat fish every so often)  very conscious of what I think and do to keep my body and mind in my highest and best interest!
Hence the nonchalant shrug of my shoulder when he awoke with this feeling at 3:00 A.M. as I rolled over on my pillow, thinking he will soon release the junk in the trunk and return to bed, but come 5:00 a.m this was not happening! After ending up at the E.R. and hours of waiting, the ultrasound came back showing Gallbladder stones.
Needless to say this has been a game changer for my dear husband- and: confession: I feel a big blessing! It has been a hot topic in our home as to how he can keep the stones at bay or find an alternative method to releasing them. He has decided to get real with his diet, swapping his morning coffee ritual to a banana almond shake or a fresh juice and cutting out the extra junk: sugar, dairy, white bread products just to name a few. In two weeks time, he has shed about 10 pounds and is sleeping like a baby!
I try to live by this: “Allow people to be who they are, as this allows you to be fully who you are” With that to say, I mind my own business when we are out and I see him eating cheese pasta and ice cream cake while I sit contently with a plate of colorful green veggies, a side of olive oil and hot green tea, oh and one glass of red wine! (YUM). Can anyone say odd couple??
This so called disturbance has shifted views in our home, bringing us more in alignment  with eating habits and has opened up a whole new world of conversation and intimacy. (Can I get an AMEN)!
Perhaps some of you reading this have experienced Gallstones or you have family members with complete different views on health. It really comes down to one thing: Self Care. Its about loving yourself enough to be mindful of what you nourish your body with or loving yourself enough to stick to your health values, while others around you have complete different habits. Below are three tips you can do today to care for your body~ie. your life!
1. Do what feels naturally like the next best thing for you is, in terms of caring for yourself. Have you been wanting to take a yoga class, garden, read more, write, give up caffeine, give up alcohol. Play around with different ideas that work for you. Perhaps its taking up a creative hobby or connecting with an old friend. Get creative and have fun with this. Your time is NOW…. not tomorrow or when things feel perfect, its about taking action now, in the present!
2. Stay in your lane. Its simple, stick to what you believe is best for you. We all know what feels right and what doesn’t. Its about stating to the people around you, lovingly of course: “This is what I need right now”.  Listening to what you need and obeying what you hear is one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself.
3. Step away, unplug for a little while. Maybe go one day without social media, take a nap, take a bubble bath. Whatever it takes to slow and quiet your mind down. Once your mind becomes quiet you are able to really hear what your body needs moment by moment. The point is to tap more into yourself then others, get curious with your world and less about everyone else’s. Another benefit, you will feel peaceful and able to give more of yourself to people around you.
So what can you do today to prevent or heal something unwanted{ like gallstones } in your body?
I would love to hear your feedback, comments or questions:
To your health and beauty!


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