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8 Ways Happiness Can Create Beauty!

With all the stresses that come on a daily basis, it can be difficult for one to find peace or joy for that matter.
Have you experienced any joy lately? If so, then you know the excitement and fulfillment it brings. But how do you experience joy everyday? Here are eight tips that you can put into practice to help you create more joy in your life.

1. Express Yourself:
Each person possesses his or her own unique gifts but if you are not supported by friends and family you may lose these natural talents or allow them to take a back seat due to other obligations or responsibilities in your life. Expression is key to joy so how can you express yourself? From the way you dress to the way you speak, you can express yourself in all different forms. Do not discount what you feel a passion for.  It’s also important to keep in mind that you do not have to gain anything from this expression, it is all about what makes you feel happy! Once you allow yourself an expressive outlet, joy will immediately follow. All you have to do is start and choose a way to let it all out. Again, it doesn’t have to be big or necessarily lead you to anything else like money, you just need to let it out!

2. Develop A Spiritual Practice:
You may be thinking that this tip is not for me, but if you start to consider the thought that you are here for a reason and that there is something greater then you, it can help with the belief that you are not alone. Try asking yourself these questions: What if there is a grand plan for you? What if there is a specific purpose for your life and your job was to find that specific purpose?  What if the dream life that you desire wants you too? What if all of your experiences up to this point were for a bigger reason? These questions can help you consider if you are in search of fulfillment and happiness while the answers lie within your higher self. Developing a spiritual practice allows the heart and mind to be more open and loving which causes more fulfillment in joy.

3. Be In Service:
Freely serving others is one sure way to find joy. Once you step outside of yourself and switch into a giving mode to help other people, only goodness comes. Being in service to others is more simple than you may think. It can be something as small as smiling at someone at the grocery store, paying a compliment to a friend or stranger, or sending a thoughtful message. If you are someone that is in a service based business but desire a change, consider all of the people you contact in one day and try to make it a priority to help with your heart.

4. Change Your Thoughts:
Our thinking is our inner world and is also the one thing we have control over. With so much information coming at us on a daily basis, our thoughts can run at fast speed and cause inner conflict. It’s important to choose thoughts that create happiness inside of us. If you have recurring negative thoughts that stump your forward movement replace it with a positive one. Try writing down these positive thoughts to remind you to think of them daily. Think of your mind as a computer that needs a mini reboot by cancelling and replacing certain thinking. Your thoughts create your reality, so imagine a new found reality that you wish for your life and set your mentality in that direction.

5. Say “Yes” To Yourself:
If you get really honest, you can recognize the ways you may be keeping joy from your life. Saying yes to yourself can be scary and vulnerable at times but it takes a true heart to heart conversation with yourself to say that you to deserve to be happy. Love yourself the way you love others. If you are a person who always puts others first, your life can become exhausting and deplete you of all your energy. Remembering what you deserve and saying “yes” to yourself can enlighten your life with joy and radiance.

6. Stretch Out of Your Comfort Zone:

What is one thing you have always wanted to do but are afraid of trying? This one thing may have been within you for weeks, months or even years. Perhaps you think that: “I can’t do this thing because I am too old, too fat, too skinny, too tired, or simply because I have no time”. Well my friend, I am here to tell you that everyone has those same discouraging thoughts but stretching out of your comfort zone can help you realize that you actually can do the thing you so desire. I encourage you to take a chance and go after something that you have always wanted to try, not look back and have fun!

7. Become More Loving:
If you spend a part of your day loving yourself just a little more than you did the day before, you will eventually change your life. The loving relationship that you develop with yourself pours into everything else in your life.Love yourself, accept who you are and allow other people to be who they are without judgement. This one concept takes practice and patience but can absolutely change your life!

8. Drop Your Past Story:
There isn’t a single person who goes through life without difficult times. Everyone has a history of painful and hurtful times in his or her life, but it is important not to become attached to those. For example: if you were hurt by a family member and years later you are still talking about how this family member has hurt you, you are preventing yourself from reaching a place where you could be creating better relationships, a better career or simply more joy in your life.You will continue to yearn for happiness and joy if you continue to hold unto past pains. This story may have become who you are in someway but you must not remain attached to it. Allow new experiences to open up in your life. As humans who are constantly changing our story, letting go of the old one or creating a new chapter to renew ourselves. Living in the present time is challenging but can be life changing. For one day, can you challenge yourself to not talk about the past? You may be surprised how happiness can arise if you are completely engaged in the present moment, you may even experience a miraculous shift. Are you up for the challenge?

Here’s to you having a more chemical-free, stress-free and negative-free life of joy!

To your Health and Beauty!




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