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New Year, New Start

Where do you land on the balancing wheel of keeping your New Years Resolutions? Are you an “All or Nothing” type of person, where you jump on that crash diet, go balls out on a juice cleanse and feel great for about 30 days (if your lucky a full 90 days), just to find yourself back at square one eating bon-bons for lunch. Or conversely, are you the type that lists all the things you wish to achieve, want, and desire? You even go so far as sharing your goals with your inner circle as they cheer you on with a “Hell Yeah”. You leave the conversation or your list becomes out of sight and out of mind, and you take NO action.

Well, I will share with you that I have definitely fallen into the Go Balls Out category, only to find myself out of balance, filled with anxiety and off course! So the question comes to:Where can life become more balanced this year? What can you do to have a steady, focused momentum that allows you to achieve your #1 resolution? Whether that is losing weight, finding your soul mate, making extra money, loving yourself more, having better relationships.

Whatever is calling your name this year, how can you become more balanced within yourself to ultimately make this a lifestyle change, rather then a one time, feel good goal.

Here are 3 Tips that I have learned to help achieve balance: 

1. Take a step back. (Breathe) Taking a step back helps you to slow down. Like I mean sloww wayyy down. Take a day off work and walk in the park. Turn your cell phone off for a couple of hours. Try taking a whole day off from social media (or 3). Take a bath vs. a shower, spend 15 minutes in complete silence, or take a yoga class versus a weight class.

Whatever it is that slows your racing mind down, connects you to your breath and allows you to hear your thoughts one by one versus your mind racing at 100 mph. When you slow down, you are able to hear from a grounded and more balanced place of what to do next to achieve your goal. One step at a time, one breath at a time. Small changes everyday add up lifetime habits.

2. Simplify: Your environment plays such a huge role in your everyday experience. Take a look around and see if there is anything you don’t need. For instance if your goal is to loose weight, perhaps a good kitchen detox is in order. Cleaning out the pantry with unhealthy foods gives you a good start to filling it with healthy options. Or, simply getting rid of old stuff that just sits and collects dust can give you such a boost. Once you have De-cluttered your space, buy some fresh flowers, a nice candle to light. Anything that gives you a little instant boost in your day.

3. Listen to what You Truly want vs. someone Else’s opinion on your resolution: This is key to attaining your resolution and making it a life long change. Only you know what you truly need and desire in your life. If you listen to yourself rather than someone Else’s opinions, then on the days it becomes challenging to keep going on your new path, you will remember what I call the WHY. The Why is the reason you desire this change in your life. It becomes easier if you stay true to yourself and what you truly desire then allowing another person to dictate your path. Connect to your heart and inner knowing to continue to press forward with what you wish to achieve in 2014!

 What can you do to achieve your 2014 resolution by coming from a balanced place within yourself?  How can you make this part of who you are as a lifestyle change?


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