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Soul Searching

There is one person who inspired me to write this blog. The name of that person or who that person is, doesn’t really matter. Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I was attending a party and this particular individual walked in with a different look to them, there was something different about there energy that I noticed before I even engaged in conversation. Well, what I found out later on in the evening, is this person is feeling a shift that needs to take place in there life. Is anyone feeling that same shift right now? Can anyone relate to this kind of nagging voice that can no longer be ignored?
This last week this feels like the theme around me, everyone I talk to is feeling a need for some sort of change, whether it be professional or personal or both! I want to encourage you to take that leap of faith, follow your heart and know that you are supported! This can be a scary place a vulnerable place, which I can relate to on many levels,(read my ABOUT page on my website).
Here are Three tips in which I believe can help you get super clear and very accurate on what you want for 2013!

1. Ask yourself this question: What do you LOVE to do?? If it is a hobby, can you find a way to turn this into a profitable business? for example, do you love to sew, cook, exercise, dance? Perhaps, you can design your own clothing line, become a personal chef, teach people how to dance or become a yoga instructor.
If you are stuck at: “I don’t know what I love”.  One way to rediscover is to go back to when you were 9 years old (or some where around the time you were 9). What did you love to do then? This might strike up some thoughts as to what you should be doing now. Most of us get lost and off our true purpose track, due to life circumstances, or family members chime in and tell us what we should be doing. The truth is, you are the only person who knows your true purpose! It is within you, just listen and go for it!  One indicator that you found your true purpose is, when you are “doing” this thing, you loose all sense of time and hunger, in essence, time stands still and you are being nourished by the activity vs. actual food. Kinda like, how when you were a kid and you were playing with your friends or toys and your parents would say, time to eat! This is the kind of kid like play and joy that you are after. This is true heart felt enjoyment that CAN be turned into your life purpose!

2. Keep your thoughts to yourself OR only talk about your new ideas to a select few who you know will only encourage and listen to you.
This is very important, in what I call the incubator stage. Think of this like a baby that you are creating, you are thinking up its name, you are imagining what its going to look like, how you are going to teach it and play with it. This is all yours and you do not need someone to steer you in the wrong direction or have any opportunity to drop doubt in your mind. You must stay strong in your vision and what you believe is right for you. Along the way of your new journey there will be people offering advise and tips, which is great, but I encourage you to always check in with your body to see if this feels right for you and where you want your end result to be.
A weekly group with like minded people can be very helpful if everyone is on the same page or pick a trusted friend that you can check in with to keep you inspired! Journaling or writing your thoughts on paper is so very helpful when you are searching for answers. One of my favorite things to do, is to keep a pad of paper and a pen beside my bed and first thing in the morning, freelance, just what ever comes to mind I write this down, it does  not have to be formal writing or make any sense, you can jump from one subject to the next, the key is to keep writing untill  you feel like all of your morning thoughts are on paper. This helps to clear your mind and you might be surprised as to what ideas pour out of you!

3. Perfection does not exist: This one is something that I still struggle with, and I feel holds so many of us back from moving forward! Whatever it is you want, start now. Make small changes or steps everyday, small steps will lead up to your goal. If you want to exercise more, create a plan, walk for 10 or 15 min. a day, if you want to loose weight, start incorporating more fruits and veggies in your everyday diet, if you want a new career, start imagining what it will feel like, who you want to be working with, how will you be helping people, what product will you create?  Just start and know that you will never get it right, you will always want to perfect yourself, that is human nature, we are always evolving, growing and changing.
Search for examples of people who have made changes in there life or who are in alignment with what you want to create, use them as guides (do not copy them, this will not be authentic and will not feel right), but use them as guides to help keep you inspired and moving in the right direction. This can also be a mentor that you talk with as well. Remember if you want different results, you must take different action, if you follow the same routine everyday, change it up, attend a new networking group, take a different route home, shop at a different grocery store. These might sound like silly little tips, but what I have found is that there is always something different that I will notice when  I am in new surroundings. This always opens up a new idea or an inspiration or you might meet someone new who you are suppose to speak with!

Start now, engage, take action and believe. Everything you take action with right now will come to light next month or the month after or you might see what you have worked on 6 months down the road, but the key is to keep your vision, tweak along the way if something doesn’t feel right and keep going.
What does this have to do with health? It has everything to do with health. Your happiness is the KEY to a healthy body, if you are enjoying your life, you have no room for negative thoughts or beliefs. This is not to say that you are not going to have challenging days, or you have the freedom to feed your body unhealthy foods or not exercise it, but when you are actively liking your everyday life, eating healthy and staying healthy comes a lot easier!

What can you do today to put your goals into action?

To your health and beauty!




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