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Three Secrets Of Serenity


Do you ever ask for the following:  Please allow me to find serenity in the noise, allow me to have 10 minutes of peace every day so I can give of myself in a loving unconditional way to my friends and family. I believe giving of our time, is truly what life is all about, but in order for us to give in this way, we must give to ourselves first. This is especially true for all of you women who are reading this. As women we play so many roles; wife’s, sisters, friends, mothers, caretakers, business women, lovers. When life is hectic, here are 3 ways you can reconnect to yourself, your thoughts, your body and find some serenity.

1. Mediation: This is the quickest way to calm your mind, it takes five to ten minutes a day, but most people do not make the time to do this. If you are one of those people who are thinking: “I cant sit still for five or ten minutes” or “that is boring” or “that is to whoo whoo”, you are probably the one who needs this the most! One of the easiest ways to get this into a daily habit is to do this as soon as you open your eyes in the morning, count down in your mind from 100 to 0, then focus on a feeling that you want your day to be like, for example if you want to feel energetic, happy, excited, productive, peaceful, what ever it is focus on this one word for 5 to 10 minutes. If you cant think of a word, a great one to focus on is Gratitude. Doing this exercise in the morning will set your intention for the day and you will leave your bed feeling more clear and connected to your body. Throughout the day, if an upset occurs, you can easily go back to your word from the morning and you will instantly be taken back to that safe calm place. The whole point of meditation is to train your mind to be in the present rather then thinking of the past or worrying about the future, which is often where we live. If you learn to simply be in the moment you will then be able to fully give of yourself to what is in front of you; a family member, a project, a recipe, a good book, what ever it is, it will have your undivided attention and that moment will be a lot richer. Just decide that you want to meditate and put it in your day like brushing your teeth or taking a shower, soon enough this will become the new normal.

2. Journal:  Another way to reconnect to your self is to write down your thoughts. This is not like your “to do” list, it is writing in a way that sets you free to say whatever is on your mind, this is for your eyes only so the freedom to this kind of writing is awesome. I like to keep a journal with me in my purse or bag so when I am feeling like I need to clear my mind it is always with me. The key here is to not edit your words, your writing can be scattered it does not have to make sense. Try not to quiet the thoughts or feelings that arise when the pen hits the paper, let it out and let it go, you can always decide to throw this part of the writing away or not to read it, but I guarantee that you will feel lighter when you let whatever it is on your mind to come out. Our body holds our feelings and thoughts, we have millions of them each and every day, they move at a fast speed. Depending on what our day brings us, we can experience happiness, sadness, anger, disappointment and much more in one day. It is important to keep what serves us and to let the other “stuff” go, journaling can help get it out and clear our minds of unnecessary emotions that don’t belong in our body.

3. Carve out Alone Time: Once you get a taste of this type of one on one time with your self you will not want to skip a day. Carving out time can be challenging with a full schedule but it is crucial to one who is craving peace in there life. Some of the ways you can do this is wake up a little earlier at least twice a week, create a sacred space in your house where you go when you need some quiet time. For me its my office, where I can close the door and I have all of the pictures and the things that I like as my surrounding. Alone time can even be a great excuse for a hot bubble bath and some soothing music. Whatever you choose is right for you, embrace this time and take extra good care of your self because at the end of the day no one else is going to do this for you!

I challenge you to start one of these serenity rituals and keep it up for a week. I would love to hear what you discover by spending some quality time with your thoughts and reconnecting with your body.

Is there a specific ritual that you already do in your daily life that brings you serenity?

I would love to hear comments or discoveries!


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