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  • "I was introduced to Beautymark Organics from it stages of inception. The founder has a philosophy for keeping things organic and healthy and affordable. I was given a few sample to try and loved them. What was most interesting was how wonderful the cleanser worked on my hair. She did not package it this way but since I am a California Licensed Cosmetologist I decided the ingredients would be nice for hair. All I have to say is "Winner Product". This is the main tool for my beauty maintenance. Even my husband loves to shave with it. The natural ingredients leave skin and hair moisturized.

    Beautymark Orgaincs was a hit at the Golden Globes Gifting room where celebrities were excited to try it and contact the owner for more product. All I have to say is "Congratulations Jenna, keeping the organic integrity proves a Winner!"

    Gina Waggener

    Celebrity Stylist & Photographer
  • "I like the carrot and mango body butter because it hydrates my skin while improving my skin tone."

    - Kelsey
  • "I use the BeautyMark Organics products daily. I absolutely LOVE the carrot and mango body butter! I Love the way it smells and the way it feels on the skin. I also appreciate the versatility of the orange cleanser. I use it to remove eye make-up without the greasy feeling most removers leave."

    - Gina


  • "I love the Rose & Cinnamon body polish – the name itself is divine & the product looks just as luxurious!"

    - Kelsey
  • "My favorite product is the Tangerine Lime Face and Body Cream Cleanser. This product contains Vitamin C and I tend to use products that contain Vitamin C to brighten my skin."

    - M. Clark
  • "Rose and Cinnamon Body Polish is my absolute favourite! I think I am in love! Seriously, I recommend to EVERYONE!"

      - Mia Milosevic
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