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10 Surprising Tips To Promote A Healthy Body

Finding time for self care is so important, not only for your physical body, but for your emotional state of mind. When I was still in my old career as a mortgage representative, I had no idea what self care or down time was. I was on the go all the time and my idea of self love was going to a spinning class or running 5 miles, which was adding more stress to my body then eliminating it! Today I have completely changed myself from the inside out. Here are 10 simple tips that I have learned over the years of transformation that you can include in your daily routine or pick one that you like and stick with it for a couple of weeks. Small shifts turn into long lasting habits if you are willing and ready to start! There are no rules to this, but the more you give love to yourself, the more love can pour into your life! It all starts with YOU!! You have the power to transform your body and life and feel great in your skin today!


1. Start your day with a glass of warm water and lemon. This will alkalize your body for the day and hydrate you first thing in the morning.

2. Drink plenty of liquids during the day with the exception of Sugary drinks. This includes: sweetened tea and sports drinks ( Try giving up all sweeteners for a week or two) This is one that should be a practice every 3 months or at the start of a new season.

3. Try to avoid eating when you are rushed or with unpleasant company. This WILL affect the way your food is digested and assimilated in your body.

4. Do something you love everyday. This may be as simple as a walk, talking to a friend that makes you smile or a nice bubble bath.

5. Start the habit of body brushing, this helps with the lymphatic system, removing dead skin and great for circulation. You can use this on your face as well, great for reducing fine lines and wrinkles. If you are unfamiliar with this, reference the LEGS article on this blog.

6. Get plenty of protein. If you are vegan, vegetarian or Raw food eater.
PEA, HEMP or RICE protein is best to add to your menu.

7. One of the BEST natural stress relievers is BACH FLOWERS. Visit your local health food store and purchase a BACH FLOWER of your choice. Basic Choice: RESCUE REMEDY.

8. Walk. Add walking to your weekly routine, walk with the right food , while you swing the left hand in front of you and vise versa. Some people might call this the “Crawling method” of walking. This will balance both sides of the body, masculine and feminine.

9. Listen to music, the vibration of music is good for your soul! (As long as its soothing)

10. Indulge in some Dark Chocolate. This should be at least 85% to 100% pure Cocoa. Excellent for stimulating “love” chemicals in your brain.( An Amazing Raw Chocolate Recipe is located on Page 1 of this blog)

If you would like more of these tips, visit and get your FREE 31 TIP guide to more energy and vitality in your life and body today!!

To your health and beauty!




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