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What is your Definition of Beauty?

This blog post was inspired by many things in my life right now, a sense of peace and contentment has finally integrated within me, something I have been longing for quite sometime now. I will always be hungry for more knowledge and learning about myself and others, I have this curious quality that I was born with, always questioning life on all levels and always fascinated to know how others think, but right now as I write to you I feel so relaxed knowing that the beauty of life is present, right here, right now!  So here in lies the question, What is your definition of beauty? A beautiful life?  What beautiful creation is just itching to pour out of you?

Beauty has been a topic for millions of years, the definition by society has changed throughout history. It has been wide hips, red lips, short curly hair, long natural hair, flapper dresses, pin up suits… you name it. Beauty will always be different and changing, and your unique definition is what makes it beautiful. Honor your definition, honor your gifts and talents, honor yourself and allow your beauty to shine through!!

A quick reminder, from me to you to shine this year, the time is now!!

Have you ever gone against the grain to break out of a pattern that no longer defined you?? I would love to hear about it!!


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